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Learn a foreign language during a transat

During a return transat in 21 days, I realized how much this experience was conducive to learning a foreign language. We sail for several weeks, leaving one country to join another whose language is too often unknown to sailors. With several people or alone, during the quarters, there is nothing like the calm of the open sea to finally start learning a new language... Sailors, these courses are made especially for you!

Sailing Rope

"a foreign language during a transat"

level 1

(method for adults)

The purpose of this training is to give you all the keys to be perfectly autonomous in learning a language. From the choice and development of educational material to its optimal use while measuring progress and avoiding the pitfalls of the various institutions which too often tend to seek to retain customers for courses that last months or years...


You become an actor in learning the language you have chosen to learn, at your own pace and without depending on external organizations. You define your learning strategy and implement it in total independence wherever you are, understanding what you do, why and how you decided to do it.

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Kid on a Sailboat

"a foreign language during a transat"

level 2

(method for children)

In order to fully understand the concepts covered in this training, it is strongly recommended to follow the Level 1 training beforehand. Thus, the method in its most concrete and basic form will have no secrets for you, and here you can focus on the specifics and adaptations that you will need to make to support your child (for example) without losing efficiency. ​ The purpose of this training is to give you all the keys to be perfectly autonomous in teaching a language. This training will only summarize in the form of reminders the achievements of the training "A language in deckchair - Level 1", and will focus more particularly on the support that you can put in place for your students. As sailors around the world, some of you live with your family for months or years. The boat school then becomes essential, to a certain extent. ​ As a parent or educator of the children you accompany, you will then be perfectly independent in helping them learn any language, even if you don't even speak it! You will then be their coach and not their language teacher, and will learn to use the accessible teaching aids wisely. ​ Learn more about this training... ​

Learn more about this training

A foreign language during a transat

2 days of training The Shortcut Method


Contact us to know the next dates and to reserve your place. ​ We are currently exploring the possibility of offering this training online or face-to-face in a location to be specified (Paris, Lyon, Grenoble, Briançon or La Grande Motte). ​


Do not hesitate to contact us directly to find out more.



William MENEZ


Because the method applies differently for children and for adults, we have developed 2 distinct training courses: ​


- "a foreign language during a transat" - level 1 to fully understand the method (application to adults) ​


- "a foreign language during atransat" - level 2 t to better understand how to help children learn languages ​​according to their specificities. 


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