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Learn a Language in One Month

Access Free Webinars on How to Unleash Your language learning mind.

  • First Webinar: 4th Jan 2023  - Introduction to the Shortcut Method

  • Second Webinar: 6th Jan 2023 - Environment and Settings

  • Third Webinar: 11th Jan 2023 - The importance of following steps

  • Fourth Webinar: 13th Jan 2023 - Coaching & Materials


Presented by William Menez,
The creator of the shortcut method.


William, his wife and children speak 7+ languages. His mission is to make language learning quick, simple and effective, so that language learning becomes more attractive and less stressful for everyone. From now on, everyone can have access to an efficient language learning approach, completely free of charge. But remember: "don't talk to foreigners, they could become your friends!"

So... are you ready to grow even more?

Webinars Will Cover

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