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  • What is The Shortcut Method?
    The Shortcut Method is a way to learn languages in a more efficient way. Most methods used nowadays in traditional schools or language learning manuals focus on the left brain, i.e. firstly, your brain receives information (through your eyes, ears, body...); secondly, information is being analysed and memorised with your left brain; only in the third place it's being used with your right brain. Meanwhile The Shortcut Method redirects your learning effort towards your right brain directly. We will help you to learn how to use your right brain directly without having to store too much information since this slows down your brain. Thus, such fast and efficient learning method is your Shortcut to any language you want.
  • What languages can I learn with The Shortcut Method?
    First of all, we are not language school, but we are teaching you the language learning method. So here are the good news: since we are here to teach you this new learning style, you can basically learn just ANY language you want with this approach. You can use our coaching tips to make better use of your current learning tools (school, apps, dictionaries, etc.) without falling into the traps that slow your process down by teaching you too much irrelevant information in the wrong order.
  • Why is The Shortcut Method so efficient?
    Think about how you learnt your native language. Did your parents teach you grammar and ask you to memorise long lists of vocabulary as you were still a toddler? Of course not! Thus, we will help you to identify what and how exactly you should learn. This includes making the best use out of your brain, your time, your environment and the material available around you. We will help you to identify what you can add or change easily in your routine and environment to optimise your effort.
  • Am I skilled enough?
    Of course! This method is made for everyone. The reason why you are doubting is because you are used to the traditional learning methods, which are based on memorising. Not being able to successfully memorise a lot of material makes us doubt ourselves if we are good enough to learn a language. But since this method is focused on learning through feeling, through experiencing, through putting things in practise from day 1, you will no longer have to doubt your skills. We are here to help you, not to scare about language learning. Thus, join us and let's get down to buisiness!
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