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Hi, as you know we are trying our very best to help people around the world learn languages in a very efficient way, and with a customized learning experience taking into account both their backgrounds and other languages spoken, but also financial situation and individual motivation. Some people want to learn for free no matter how long it takes and some people prefer to pay a fair price and get instant results. It could take anywhere from 8 days to several years to learn a language depending on the approach that people see as the right one for them. What's your approach?

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The video agreement

To some of you who are in contact with us, we have offered to join "the video agreement". What is it? What's in it for you? Why do we offer that? Is there a hidden agenda?

First of all, there is no hidden agenda. We are tired of the advertisement we see on the web based on false promises just to obtain your bank account details and tie you up for the upcoming months or years and "make you feel" that you are learning... and yet a lot of people come to us (too many) saying what they have done sometimes for several years without the expected result. 

This is why we offer "the video agreement". We don't want to lie about the results that people obtain with our method, we don't want to tell people about it and hope that people will believe us. We want to show the facts, and facts only. Sometimes success stories are impressive, sometimes they are less impressive, and the reason is simple: everyone is unique, every situation is unique and depends on what people do or go through. Your learning experience is unique and we want to document it. 

Throughout the steps of our coaching with you, we will ask you to send us a video at the beginning to show your real level of conversation in the language you are improving with our method, before you even start. You may start from scratch or you may know a few words already, maybe even some broken conversation. We want to show the truth. As we go through the coaching with you, we will ask you to send us a short video at each step until the end of the coaching. 

The first objective of these videos is to be able to monitor your progress with us. These videos will not be made public at this stage and will only be used to your own personal benefit, including for motivational purposes. 

At the end of the challenge, we will review the videos, and if we feel that these can show truthfully your real progress made throughout the coaching, we will offer you to make them public on some social medias (to be agreed with you, probably YouTube to begin with) and to use them as example (of some steps for example) as we coach other people. Let's say it's a way to pass on your energy to the next person who can benefit from being inspired by you. However this will not be done without your consent. 

Obviously this has a great value for us, and in exchange we will offer you your next language coaching experience at a very discounted price. This we will discuss on a case by case with each of you. 

What should you put in the videos?

It's actually very simple: the videos need to be each between 1 and 2 minutes maximum. Each video should be recorded horizontally, and with the best quality you can, but no stress about it: you can just film yourself with your phone and it would be sufficient. In the video you will basically talk about what you have done or learned during the previous coaching session, what you have decided to do etc... or later down the line to tell us about your life, your past week end or coming up plans or holidays... anything that you are inspired to talk about for 1 or 2 minutes using the knowledge you have gained with us in the language that you are improving. 

If you have any question, don't hesitate to contact us!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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