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Meet our teachers
certified by The Shortcut Method

After years of teaching languages with this method, we have realized it can hugely benefit a large number of people but our main priority is not to keep for ourselves, nor to build a multinational company to promote the language. 

Instead, we figured out we could help many more people by spreading the word for free and inspiring people to engage into this fantastic journey to discover a new self through speaking languages. 

We are therefore holding events and implanting all sorts of initiatives throughout the year as we travel the world. We are aiming at helping people in remote areas to learn languages, but also train and certify teachers all around the world with this method so that they can do their work with even more love and passion and most of all, with an unprecedented efficiency! 

Yes, it's less money for us, but it's more beneficial for everybody. If you want to support our initiative, you can join us on Patreon and contribute with an even tiny contribution on Patreon, as if you were buying us a beer once a month! no big deal for each of you, but if a large number of people help and support our initiative, we will be able to continue developing this work. We are no extending the method to apply it to schools and children all around the world, one step at a time.

Got a question?

If you can't contact one of these certified teachers, drop us an email, and we will contact them or you, until they have accepted to make their details public. 

If you are interested in becoming a certified teachers, send us an email stating your name, native language and where you live to arrange for the next training session, as these trainings only happen a few times a year and collectively.

Thanks for submitting!
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