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How can the Shortcut Method help you?

By using our method you can become fluent in a language in a period of 2-4 weeks.


Usually people pay huge money for language courses that take years and after completing them they are still not able to speak that language.


With our method and our 10 steps you will be able to speak the language from Day 1 (with limited vocabulary, of course). These first 10 steps will make you to speak the language fluently, but not perfectly. For perfection more vocabulary and grammar are needed, thus these further steps are included into learning phases 2, 3 and 4.

But let‘s start from the beginning and now this is phase 1







William Menez,
polyglot and foreign language coach

A language is never a disadvantage.

Who is behind?

William was born in France and at first he sought his career in corporate business for 20 years working for top tier multinational companies. Meanwhile, he also travelled to 50+ countries and lived in ~10 countries.


At 45 years old, he finally realized that money really does not buy happiness and that he wants to pursue a life with purpose: connecting people and enabling an open minded approach to life. The best he could offer the people around him is this fantastic method to learn any language in less than 4 weeks. So he decided to continue doing what he has been doing since 1998, but from now on, this would become his main professional activity. 

Today William, his wife and children are speaking 7+ languages. His mission is to make language learning quick, simple and effective (both for adults and children), thus language learning becomes more attractive and less stressful for people.


Last but not least, William wishes that people by learning languages could easily engage in foreign languages and could easily make connections all over the world.


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