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How our Shortcut can help you?

By using our method you can become fluent in a language in a period of 2-4 weeks. Usually people pay huge money for language courses that take years and after completing them they are still not able to speak that language. With our method and our 10 steps you will be able to speak the language from Day 1 (with limited vocabulary, of course).

These first 10 steps will make you to speak the language fluently, but not perfectly. For perfection more vocabulary and grammar are needed, thus these further steps are included into learning phases 2, 3 and 4. But let‘s start from the beginning and now this is phase 1.

What’s the problem with
traditional language learning?

What makes learning so difficult is that people have been taught everything at school or outside the school by learning by heart all the theory and only then trying to put it into practice. However, this is the way that most of the schools are structured, thus people learn by memorizing a lot of things and then trying to repeat those over and over again. Such learning means using the left brain only and then trying to make this part of brain fluent. The Shortcut will allow people to learn a language by using the right brain directly just like children do.


To choose not to learn any other foreign language is to choose to miss on 95% of what the Earth and humankind has to offer. So, to stay curious, to keep the eyes of a child, to be marvelled by what the world has to offer is one way of staying young.

William Menez, founder of the Shortcut Method

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Marta, 27, Spain

After learning French in 1 month, I realized how easy it was and went on to learn to speak German in just 2 weeks. 


Adele, 32, France

I always wanted to learn Italian. With the Shortcut Method after only 1 month I found myself speaking fluently and I now continue learning every day...

Image by Edward Cisneros

Marc, 38, Germany

I was going to France every year and I still couldn't say much. Once I started up with the Shortcut method, it all became so easy. Thank you so much!

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